The end...

My internet is out. Again. I drunkenly slept through the repairman's last visit...this weekend, I'm not going out at all, so I should be OK.

I just wanted to take a second here after work to mention that I'm absolutely fucking gutted about Tuesday's result. I didn't watch the game...I don't want to. I was actually flicking onto Fox Sports World to record one of the replays, and they were showing the game...it was 4-2 in the 90th, and to say my heart sank is very much an understatement.

Even I'll admit it now...our league season is over. Now, we're merely playing for a place in next year's Champions' League. At this rate, even that is not a formality. You know, losing is always a terrible thing. We all invest so much into this emotionally, it's always kind of like being dumped by a girlfriend when your team looks so promising, and then they let you down.

The worst part, of course, is that the death blow was delivered by THOSE fucking cunts. Every time I imagine their smirking fucktard of a manager gloating to himself about this win, I wish I was alone in a room with him, armed with a spear or some other sharp, pointy thing. I hate that team more than I hate the Lily White Scum. I hate them more than Real Madrid, than Bayern Munich, than even the Mexican national team. There are no bigger bunch of cheating fucking wankers in the entire footballing world. Their manager is the most arrogant, cocksucking prick in the entire footballing world. To contrast, I keep coming back to our league encounter with Chelsea. Say what you want about their financial advantage (and I have a major piece in the works about it, once my internet is up again and I can do the research), but when we played them, it was a tough, clean game. They didn't foul incessently. They didn't use the fact that they're a big club to induce shitty refereeing decisions. They just played their asses off, just as they've done all season.

If it really has to come down to Chelsea and Manshit United, then I hope the London club wins the title by 20 fucking points. I don't particularly care for Chelsea...don't get me wrong. I'm no Mourinho fan especially. And, of course, we'll have to see what the truth of the Ashley Cole situation is before I pass final judgment on this. But, even if they tried to steal Ash from us, I'd STILL rather see them stroll to the title than have those Mank cunts anywhere fucking near it.

All we can do now is try and turn over Bayern in the Champions' League and then go from there...and, we're still in the FA Cup, so we can at least win that. It's still possible for us to have 2 trophies and for our Mancunian friends to have none, so this season is still not all lost.

Chins up, lads.


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