Karma really does exist, my friends.

In around the 80th minute of the latest installment of Arsenal vs. Money United, the Scum's Ruud van I'madivingcheatingcunt Van Nistelrooy provoked our captain, Patrick Vieira, into taking a red card. Now, it's bad enough that the Scum got the usual homer calls from Blind Asshole Referee Steve Bennett (same guy who sent off Jeffers in the Community Shield), but the wanker prick even game United a penalty in extra time.

So, who steps up to take it but Diving Cheating Prick Boy? Now, keep in mind that this was a hard-fought 0-0 up to this point, and that this will most likely have title implications down the road. He ran up, hammered it, and.....

...hit the crossbar. Game over, 0-0, we get a highly valuable point at Old Trafford. It's called karma, cheating fuck.


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