Always late to the party.

Apparently, I am the only person on the internet yet to have a blog. I DO have a livejournal (www.livejournal.com/users/thefallen29), but that's primarily for my backstage look at my brother's band, Frail. This, on the other hand, will hold my ramblings on wrestling, music, sports, and other random crap that comes into my mind.

Without further ado, some random stuff:

-- The Giants just swept Arizona, in their own house. We're 13-3 against the Snakes this season, and now we can basically lay claim to the NL West title. Eat that, bitches. Sidney Ponson pitched a wonderful game against Curt Schilling, who wasn't half bad himself. Schmidt was great the night before, too...and, if Rueter can recover from his string of injuries to get back to "tough lefty" status, I REALLY like our chances in the postseason. Hell, Jerome Williams was lights out the first game of the series...of course, all of this has to be taken with a grain of salt: The D-Backs couldn't hit their way out of a wet paper bag.

-- Football season's almost underway, though I have to say I don't follow it as much as when I was a kid. Actually, for some reason, I can say that about all sports...I used to know batting averages, goals-against averages, quarterback ratings, etc etc etc. Now, I doubt I could list the full rosters of my own favorite teams off the top of my head...I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because I've been burned by sports so often (strikes, lockouts, scandals, etc.), I just can't get AS excited as I used to. Then again, I only went from "Ridiculous sports nerd" to "Will still drop anything to watch sports on TV...well...almost anything".

-- Raw's tonight, and against my better judgment, I'm going to watch. Goddamn, do I miss WCW, if only because it gives me the option to not see a McMahon on Monday or Thursday nights. Actually, I was ALWAYS a WCW/ECW guy...even during the heights of the Attitude era, I was almost never watching, unless I had to (like when I did Monday night ratings on Wrestleline, for example). Even as bad as either could be at times, at least they had the occasional hidden good bit of professional wrestling...so does the WWF, to be fair, but I have always hated their overall approach, their mission statement, if you weeeeeeeell. I'm not as hard to please as some of my ITVR colleagues (though harder to please than others)...all I ask for is one halfway decent match per show (and the lack of anything that makes me embarrassed to be a fan), and I'll watch until the sun goes nova. But, for the WWF, they can't even do that half the time.

-- English soccer's underway, and while it's early, Arsenal is top of the league (and thanks to their 1-0 loss to Southampton, Manchester United isn't). Ha. PLZ DIE, Money United. It pains me to have to root for anyone on that team, but I really hope Timmy Howard has a great season, and hangs on to the No. 1 shirt. Part of it is it's neat to see a guy I watched tend the nets for the Metrostars in the Premier League, but also because he's a hell of a classy guy. The English press should be shot for bringing up the Tourette's thing over and over and over. Pricks. Still, even with T-Ho, I hope they lose every game 1-0.

-- Didn't watch the MTV Awards, for the simple reason that I love music. ::smirk::

More later.


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