I was actually disappointed...

...that my viewing of the England-Turkey soccer game at a VERY pro-Turkish bar didn't turn into a riot (Eng-ger-land got the draw they needed, and the Turks were PISSED)...cracking a few skulls very possibly would have made me feel better about my situation and life in general. Heh.

-- My take on the Pedro thing: Pedro was stupid. Zimmer was stupid. The Yankees were stupid. The Red Sox were stupid. The umpires handled it about as well as anyone could have. That about cover it?

-- Still rooting for the Sox-Cubs "Something's Gotta Give!" World Series. I just may be rooting for the Cubs to win it now.

-- Canadiens 4, Maple Leafs 0 = very, VERY happy Swift.

-- I've never seen ANYTHING like the Metrostars-Burn match from this weekend...in a 0-0 final, their keeper, D.J. Countess (former Metro) saved TWO penalties, ad our Jonny Walker saved one as well. You never, ever see that outside of shootouts.

-- That's about it. Life isn't very interesting at the moment.


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