No internet access sucks...

...and I have like half an hour left here at the internet cafe, so some things really quickly...

-- Dany Heatly deserves everything he gets. Personally, I look forward to him taking it up the ass from Bubba any day now...guess what, shithead? Just because you're a pro athlete and a star and all that does NOT make you invincible...the worst thing is that this reckless asshole didn't kill himself...he killed someone else, and that just goes to show there's no justice in the world.

-- The Arsenal game was awesome this weekend, and made so much better by watching it in a packed bar full of people just as passionate about the sport as I am. With 50-50 support for us and Liverpool, it had almost a Cup Final atmosphere to it (well...not THAT much...maybe a cup semi-final)...and, a WONDER STRIKE from "Super" Robert Pires gave us a 2-1 win and all three points. 4 out of 6 points from away matches at Old Trafford and Anfield...why the hell can't we do this in Europe? How do we go from a complete capitulation at home to Inter Milan, where our back four were absolutely shambolic, to clinical, composed, battling performances at Old Trafford and Anfield just a few weeks later? Maybe Europe's gotten in our heads...who knows? However, we've got a point from Lokomotiv Moscow on the road, and we should be able to take them at home. Also, this Dynamo Kiev isn't the same Kiev that's tortured us in years past (though I still think Andrei Shovkovsky's the best goalkeeper that nobody's ever heard of).

-- Awesome, battling performance from the Metrostars too, come to think of it. To go into San Jose and take out the league's best team (in a shutout to boot) is just terrific. Even better was watching wunderkind Landon Donovan completely melt down...he should have gotten sent off about four separate times. At any rate, we've clinched a playoff spot, and we beat the Scum to get into the US Open Cup Final (our very first appearance in a final of any kind, mind you). Bob Bradley is our Lord and Savior.

-- The S.F. Giants completely deserved what they got (god, do I REALLY FUCKING HATE THE MARLINS at this point). Now, we're apparently lopping off payroll and rebuilding...whatever. This team's not winning a World Series in my lifetime anyway. Personally, I'm rooting for a Cubs-Sox series along with all the rest of the neutrals.

-- The WWF just fucking SUCKS these days. I would love to meet the people who apparently are DEMANDING the McMahon Family Variety Hour. That's basically all I have to say about that.

-- Satellite dishes are the most wonderful invention ever...with a zillion sports channels, I now get MLW Underground, NWA-TNA Explosion, and can watch the Canadiens whenever they play the NY-NJ teams, Boston, Tampa Bay (maybe Florida, too), Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago, and who knows who else? If I just had TSN and CBC, I'd be SET.

-- Speaking of which, hockey season's just around the corner. And, unless our kids grow up REAL fast, or Gainey makes some miracle moves during the season, I think Montreal's looking at more of the same this season...30 wins or so, and a 9th or 10th place finish. Wheeeeeeeeee.

Time's running out....more eventually.


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