Can you hear the Tottenham sing? No! No!

What a match! Well, let me correct myself...what a second half! I get to Nevada's, and about 1.2 seconds later, Darren "Sick Note" Anderton is cooly finishing over Jens Lehmann for the shock 1-0 lead. Really, it was absolutely shocking defending...and, speaking of that, there were at least three horrnendous back-passes that probably should have resulted in goals...provided we were playing a real team and all. Helder Postiga was particularly shit...the pub came up with this song: "There's only one, Postiga! There's only one, Postiga! 11 million pounds, for THAT fucking clown! (I forget the last line).

However, to his credit, Lehmann saved well on those backpasses. Meanwhile, the Scum lived up to their name...hacking and clucthing and grabbing and diving and elbowing...their was a scary moment when Dean Richards caught Henry in the throat with an elbow (though I don't think he meant to get him in the throat). They're a shit fucking side, and if I had my way, they'd go down about 3 divisions, and we'd be done with them.

I'm proud to say that we out-sung the Scum fans even while we were losing...still, it began to take on somewhat of a grim atmosphere...I figured that Le Boss would sort them out during halftime, but I still realize that even though S***s are shit, and we haven't lost a London derby in something like 35 straight, these things are ALWAYS a bit tricky.

But, after the restart, we still weren't looking like ourselves...it was pretty much a repeat of the first half...dour, rubbish stuff from our midfield, leading to shambolic defensive mistakes (if our opponents were a side like Charlton, or even Portsmouth, we'd have been looking at a 5-0 or 6-0 reverse by the 50th minute)...Finally, Wenger brought on Bergkamp and Cygan for Gilberto Silva and Lauren (who both had absolute fucking nightmares)...from that point, we always looked the more dangerous side (and always looked like getting an equalizer from that point). Cygan actually played pretty decently, and we finally saw some shades of the Dennis Bergkamp of old.

Anyway, in the 69th, I looked away for a second, looked back, and Henry was clean through on Keller (who was my Man of the Match, by the way...he was fabulous in net for them, especially in the second half). Had to have been a fantastic pass, but where was the Scum defense? Anyway, Keller saved brilliantly from Keller's effort, but Super Robert Pires was there to tap into the empty net, and Nevada's EXPLODED...let's just say the Scum supporters weren't in so fine a voice after the equalizer.

Once we got one, we always looked like getting two...it had to wait until I think it was the 81st, though...some nice midfield play saw Freddie Ljungberg in some space...the people around me spent the whole game insisting that Freddie is shit now because he's "too worried about his modelling sessions". I didn't say anything, but that's really stupid, isn't it? All I know (I woke up at 7:30 in the fucking morning for this match, and my fatigue's effecting my memory) is that Freddie reared back and let one go, it deflected off a Scum defender, and slowly started to loop towards the far corner (with Keller wrong-footed). Next thing I know, I'm a foot in the air, and my lungs were on fire...it was that kind of morning...

So, still undefeated, still top of the league, and we've gotten positive results against Manshit United, Chelski, the Scousers, AND the Scum (as well as Newcastle, but I at least respect them and their fans). I think I'm starting to love this season!

Anyway, of all the songs and chants going back and forth this morning, these were my favorites: First the Scum started in with "You'll never win in Europe", which we turned right back around on them with "You'll never play in Europe". Even better, someone with a stroke of genius came up with this one...simple, direct, and definitely in my all-time top ten: "You're Spurs, and you know you are!". Awesome.

Meanwhile, Charlton is now in fourth place, after an absolute demolition of Fulham. I caught the last half-hour or so, and it was real men against boys stuff. You know they're firing on all cylinders when Jonatan freaking Johansson nets two (although one came off an absolute howler between Melville and Van der Sar). I'll keep saying it if it takes all season: Charlton Athletic are really effing good, and I think it'll be hard to knock them out of at least the top 5.


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