Inter Milan vs. Arsenal, Champions League Matchday 5

European Curse 1 - 5 Arsenal

I say we were definitely good for this win...I mean, how effing great was our back four? For the vast majority of the match, every time Inter ventured past the halfway line, Sol or Pascal or Kolo or Ashley would casually take the ball with all the ease of a senior team playing a U-18 squad. Jens was immense in our goal...even when they scored, he got a fingertip on it, and was unlucky to not tip it onto the bar. And, say what you want about Materazzi or Inter dives in the box or whatever, but when we had our chances, they were taken with the cool of an assassin.

By the way, I thought the referee was brilliant. Would you rather have a guy like this, or one of those "Mr. Fussy" English referees who peeps his effing whistle every 30 seconds to hand out a yellow card? Or, how about one of those dodgy Euro referees that falls for every Italian or Spanish dive in the penalty area? For the most part, he let the teams play, and wasn't a factor in the outcome of the match...that's all you can from the man in charge.

No need for a long entry here...no need for minute analyzation. Arsenal 3:16 says "We whipped Inter's ass"


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