Never got around to this...

...but the Metrostars' season ended with a 1-1 draw on the road against New England (lost the series 3-1 on aggregate). And, I've been reading on message boards the posts of some Metro fans, and you'd be forgiven if you thought that they were actually referring to Dallas, by far the worst team in the league.

Seriously, guys...put a sock in it.

We got to our first-ever Cup final (we lost in the final of the US Open Cup, but 1. We got there, and 2. We beat the Scum in the semifinal), and the beginnings of a great team are in there somewhere. With Timmy Howard in net, I think we win the whole thing...however, in all honesty, the guy was just too good to be slumming it in MLS any longer. Jonny Walker's been about as good as you could ask for in his absence. Sure, he isn't really a replacement, but let's be honest with ourselves, Metro fans...another Tim Howard probably isn't coming along for another 10 or 15 years at least. My prediction is that when he hangs up his boots, it will be as by far the best goalkeeper that America has ever produced. Ever.

Also, Eddie Gaven and Ricardo Clark give us great hope for the future. In the preseason, all the hype was for the DC Scum's #1 overall pick, Alecko Eskandarian. If memory serves, he didn't play very often...meanwhile, we have two Rookie of the Year candidates in one year. Also, Amado Guevara has proved to be a revelation in the center of midfield (and, where the HELL did Super Mark Lisi come from?!). Eddie Pope and Steve Jolley combined to give us our steadiest backline in a long, long time...maybe ever.

On the flip side, Clint Mathis will probably not return to MLS this season, and I say it's probably for the best. When motivated and fit, he's one of the best America's got, and deserves to ply his trade abroad with the likes of Claudio Reyna. When he's not motivated and fit, you get this season...he was good, but not the superstar we needed to put us over the hump. Also, I can do with a good attacking midfielder who won't take stupid cards and fouls. Ahhhh...I can dream.

In the hung jury section, I think we need to give Andresj Juskowiak a full season to see if he really has anything left in the tank or not. It's not like he's 38 years old and coming here for a quick buck before hanging them up...I believe he's only 33, and was in the fuckin' Bundesliga only 2 or 3 seasons ago...if he was good enough for Werder Bremen that recently, then he HAS to be able to adjust to MLS.

I'm SO proud of this team, and I can't wait to see what moves are made in the offseason. Yeah, this was brief and skeletal and all that. Fuck it...I'm tired.


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