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I realize the thingie at the top of the page mentions pro wrestling and music, and I haven't gotten to those much lately. The thing is, I've always liked soccer, but now it's evolved into straight-up love...kinda like in one of those terrible teen 80s movies, where the protagonist has the somewhat cute female friend that he ignores incessantly until the end of the flick, when he realizes that she's really the girl for him (Random: There's a more recent movie with that plot called "Trojan War", that shockingly was very fun and watchable...it doesn't hurt that the "somewhat cute friend" was Jennifer Love Hewitt).

...and yes, I think that's the worst analogy I've ever used in this blog. Get used to them...as one of my favorite stand-up comedians, Rich Vos, always says: "I stink."

So, very quickly, one thought about each topic:

-- Bands I've recently gotten into that may surprise anyone who knows me: The Pogues, The Replacements, anything Duff McKagan has done solo. Check them out sometime. Also, two bands worth checking out that never quite made it as big as they deserved -- Ugly Kid Joe, and Candlebox.

-- NWA-TNA is paying WGN to air a television show. The good news is that WGN has almost a completely national presence, which is an important step for a promotion that's dying to reach that brass ring of "Legit #2 Promotion". The bad news is that they've decided to make it just like TNA Xplosion (their syndicated show) with one big match at the end. I'm sorry, but I honestly believe that you can't have a real Number Two whose big weekly show is on PPV. You need a strong presence on free TV to make a dent in Vinny Mac's empire. Also, I can't say I see the business sense in paying a hefty price to put out a show that's like a version 1.5 of their syndie show. Sadly, I think it's doomed to failure, and it may be the death of TNA. However, exactly zero people believed the initial PPV system would last more than a month or so, and they're already up to what...80-something episodes?


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