Bolton Wanderers 1-1 Arsenal

Sorry, no minute-by=minute this time around, as I had to watch the match in my room. It was just as well, because that meant I got some sleep in for long stretches of this snoozefest. Look, I understand that the weather was shite, and both teams did themselves proud with the bags of honest endeavor shown in the match.

Doesn't mean it wasn't boring as hell to watch, though. That, combined with my rough night last night, meant I got some Z's in. Works for me.

The first half was pretty much all Bolton, except for two terrible misses by Henry and DB10. I fell asleep the first time during halftime, and then woke up just in time to see Bolton's keeper (whose name is fucking impossible to spell) save brilliantly from a drive by Ljungberg, but Pires' rebound shot fortuitously bounced off a Bolton player, and into the net. The way the Trotters were playing, that was the only type of goal we were ever going to score...there were never going to be any Thierry Henry specials on this day.

Then, I woke up in time again to see Pedersen's equalizer -- a very well-struck ball from just outside the area. Lehmann had no chance to save it, and I don't think you can fault Cygan too much in not being able to get to the loose ball.

So, that was our lot. Chelsea won away at Fulham, and Manshit United has a slam-dunk game against the Tott'Scum on Sunday. So, if that result goes as it should, the filthy Manks will be top of the league by 1 point, with us second on goal difference from Chelski. At this point in the season, I'll take it. None of the top three are done dropping points by any stretch of the imagination...believe that.


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