I never got around to this...

...cause Championship Manager 4 and Diablo 2 have eaten MY soul (put them together, you have Championship Diablo Manager 6...heh heh heh).

But, Arsenal's 5-1 demolition of Wolves in the League Cup was the one match in that competition I wish I could have watched. I mean, a bunch of kids absolutely annhilated a full-strength Premiership side. This tells me one of two things (or, it could even be both).

1. Put Patrick Vieira (even just coming off an injury) in the center of ANY midfield, and they become 500% more dangerous.

2. Our kids rival that great class of the early 90s that Man United had...Beckham and Giggs and the Nevilles and whatnot.

I think anyone with a brain knew Jeremie Aliadiere is starting to be ready for the bigtime, but the other kids -- Gael Clichy, Justin Hoyte, Francesc Fabregas et al, are rapidly coming into their own as well. I'm already starting to get wonderful visions of people calling me "glory hunter" for supporting Arsenal sometime around 2008. With guys like Vieira and Thierry Henry and Ashley Cole to help bring them along, I think we're going to be awesome.

Of course, us Gooners are never an entirely optimistic lot...I can just as easily envision a barrage of career-ending ACL injuries. Que sera, sera...I guess.


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