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-- The Arsenal kids beat West Bromwich Albion 2-0 to get into the semifinals of the League Cup. You know, it really says something about our youth academy, and for our general squad depth as a whole. It's nice to see that when Jens Lehmann moves on, or if he gets hurt, Stuart Taylor will have stiff competition from Graham Stack for the No. 1 shirt. Oh, and Jeremie Aliadiere scored again, so I think it's safe to say that he's everything that Francis Jeffers wasn't. We get Middlesbrough in the semi, and I have to say I'm somewhat torn on this. The other semifinal is Aston Villa vs. Bolton Wanderers, so if Boro gets by us, they have a real chance to win the whole thing. Now, keep in mind that Boro has been around since the 1890s or something like that, and they've won nothing...ever. They have never even won promotion by winning a league. They don't have so much as a Third Division title. So, I have to admit that there's a pretty big part of me that hopes Boro beats us...I mean, what the fuck does the League Cup mean to us, in the long run? It'd be somewhat neat -- for about twelve seconds -- and then we'd go right back to worrying about the dogfight in the league, and our European Cup tie (assuming we get past Celta Vigo, which we should). I won't actively root for Boro, don't get me wrong. All I'm saying is that I won't shed many tears if we get upset. Of course, if we win, it'll be nice knowing that the Final will only be vs. Aston Villa or Bolton.

-- By the way, my money's on Bolton in that other semifinal...they have a bit more backbone than the Villians do, in my estimation.

-- The Canadiens came from behind in the dying seconds to tie up their game with Nashville tonight, then won in overtime. Defenseman Sheldon Souray led the way with a hat trick (!!!) AND an assist...damn. Saku Koivu's starting to get going offensively, and Jose Theodore has gone back to being the guy we pay 5 million a season for. They stand at 6th in the Eastern Conference, which is just fantastic. All credit has to go to the tag team of coach Claude Julien, and general manager Bob Gainey...they've made the tough decisions, and they're going a long way with not a lot of raw talent. I still am a little skeptical of us making the playoffs this season, but we've got a good young core developing, and a brilliant goaltender to back them up while they learn the ropes. However, with that said, if we DO manage to make the playoffs, we're going to be a very dangerous team come May. If Theodore plays then like he's playing now, there's no reason we can't pull an Anaheim, especially in the not-so-impressive Eastern Conference.

-- Celtic lost 2-1 to Hibernian in the quarterfinal of Scotland's League Cup. Well, as long as the Scum don't go on to win it, then whatever. The Bhoys have bigger fish to fry, just like Arsenal. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the most recent moves that Martin O'Neill has made, however. Dear Martin: MAGNUS HEDMAN FUCKING SUCKS.

-- As far as the A-Rod situation goes, may I humbly suggest that Tom Hicks be strung up and beaten by Texas' fans? He's the jerkoff that signed the contract to begin with, and now he essentially wants A-Rod to take a 30 million pay cut to pay for Manny Ramirez's salary. Uh-huh. Keep in mind that he's already coming out like 80 million ahead just by getting rid of A-Rod. Prick.

-- I still don't want to talk about the moves that Brian Sabean has made for the Giants since the Pierzynski trade. Michael Tucker doesn't exist. Really.


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