Wow. Just...just wow.

For the last 45 minutes or so, I've been going to the Blogger front page, and constantly reloading it, checking out random links from the "10 most recently updated blogs".

In all of that, I found one good...no...fantastic one, which is newly-linked over there on the right. That, because of a brilliant use of humor and an excellent writing style, is the exception to the rule regarding the type of blog I'm going to rant about right abooooooooooout.....................................now.

The "This is my life" type of blog irritates me to absolutely no end. From what I've gathered in my 25 years of human study, people's lives tend to follow the same basic template, with many of the same problems, small victories, and daily nothings occuring in everyone's life at one point or another. I don't see how it can be of any interest to a random surfer, and furthermore, I feel kind of dirty reading something like that. It's essentially like peeking in someone's window...or wiretapping their phone. If you work it like you can on Livejournal, where only friends can read it, that's one thing. Actually, in a Livejournal setting, I have no problem with this sort of thing...that seems to be geared more towards a "bitching for your friends to read, who then post nice replies to cheer you up" setup. Blogger doesn't have that, and in my opinion, seems to be more useful for those who have a freaking OPINION or ANALYSIS about something. Something to spark debate, to make you think, to amuse, to entertain, to somehow justify the use of bandwidth.

The vast majority, though, seem to be of the infinitely useless "Like, today, I totally talked to Chad! And, like, he talked back to me! OMG I'M GONNA DIE!!! <3 ^_^" variety. Blargh! Gak! And, other vaguely-vomitous type noises too!

The one I linked, however, is what those who use a blog in place of a diary or journal should aim for. No names are used, which is fine...I'll never meet these people anyway. However, the author has the type of style that turns "Random People A, B, C, D, and E" into a fascinating cast of characters....kind of like an actually-watchable sitcom (which life can be, sometimes). I found myself laughing at loud at just about everything, and the author has turned the normal life event of nearing 30 years of age into an engaging, witty, must-read blog. Well done!

Oh, and memo to the endless "My life is such shit, everything is pain, blah blah blah" bloggers....good lord, people. Drink a beer, smoke a joint, watch a good movie, and chill out a bit, will you? Or, if you insist on being a miserable prat, keep a pen-and-paper diary that you keep in a locked drawer, will you? Doesn't anyone do that anymore? (OMG CRANKY 25-YEAR OLD!)


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