A(nother) American in London...

Well, most likely, anyway.

Fulham are apparently just days away from completing the signing of former Chicago Fire left back Carlos Bocanegra on a free. While I myself am a Metrostars supporter, I'm nothing but pleased for him. Not only does his presence mean that the USA's national team left back position is stitched up for years to come, but he'll only get better playing in the rarefied air of the Premiership.

Well, assuming he actually PLAYS, of course. Fulham is the side where Eddie Lewis practiced his right-bench position for so long, after all. The Cottagers' manager, Chris Coleman, is making it sound like Boca is coming in as a squad player only. However, when Everton loaned Brian McBride last season, they thought he was only going to provide cover as well (what the hell were they thinking with THAT one, especially when their striking situation has been so bad for so long?), and then he came in and started scoring goals like mad. I think Boca will force his way into the first team...he's a damn good player, and I'll certainly be rooting for him the whole way.

What puzzles me is that Fulham were interested in Bocanegra for a while, but MLS wouldn't sell him. What, like he's going to stay in Chicago when he could play in England's top flight? You're shitting me, right? I understand that MLS wants to keep its top players, but they have to recognize the reality that, even with its' major improvement, it's still on par with, say, the Belgian First Division (on the field AND in terms of the fact that when the big boys come calling, even their best clubs are selling clubs). He was going anyway, so MLS absolutely SHOULD have gotten at least a nominal fee for him.

So, here's to you, Boca, and your new future in the EPL.


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