Arsenal-related roundup

-- Saw the Arsenal-Boro game finally, and it proved one thing (other than Boro are more than a bit shit)...you can take a player out of Leeds, but you can't take the Leeds out of the player. Danny Mills is a grade-A bastard, and the way Henry ABUSED him for the rest of the match was a more than deserved recompense. My personal favorite was after the penalty, Henry got right in his face and showed him who the real king is...HELL YEAH. It's nice to see Thierry is capable of such emotion, especially because he has been known to just float on the breeze every now and then.

-- Besides, if you're going to wind up a World Player of the Year (Fuck what FIFA says), that's stupid enough. But, to wind up a World Player of the Year that you're going to face three more times in the span of a month....that's just lunacy.

-- The Boro penalty was absolute bullshit...Lehmann got the ball first. However, at 4-0, who cares?

-- So, David Seaman finally called it a day. I think it's an absolute shame that half of what everyone's talking about revolves around the three "blunders" he made...well, let me tell you something. The Zaragoza one in 1995 truly was a blunder, but name ONE FUCKING GUY on the planet who could have stopped the goals from Ronaldinho and/or the Macedonian guy. Considering all the man did for club and country, I think it's sickening the way he's being treated. Spunky, Safe Hands, whatever you wanna call him, the guy was one of the best goalkeepers England has ever had, and that SHOULD be even more evident with Calamity James as the current #1.


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