Oh, and for the record:

Mark Halsey on the free kick decision (taken from Soccernet):

Halsey, though reluctant to discuss the award of the penalty for Arsenal, defended his decision to allow Henry to take the quick free-kick which put the Gunners ahead.

He explained: 'With the free-kick given to Arsenal outside the box for a foul on Patrick Vieira I gave the option to Thierry Henry 'do you want to take it quickly or do you want the wall 10 yards'?

'His reply was 'a quick free-kick'. I stood back and made a quick signal for him to go on and take it - I didn't say to the Aston Villa players 'move back 10 yards'.

'I can understand their frustration at conceding a goal that way - but I'm under no obligation to inform the Aston Villa players that Henry was going to take a quick free-kick.

'I also gave the option of a quick free-kick to Juan Pablo Angel and he said he wanted 10 yards - so in that case you say 'wait for the whistle and I'll get them back 10 yards'.

'You are under no obligation to give a whistle for any free-kick.'


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