Some actual good coming from the English FA?

Wow, again, miracles DO happen.

First, England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson has been pushing the English FA for them to institute a two-week winter break, which would happen right after the FA Cup 3rd round (or maybe it was the 4th round, one of the two). This can only do the game good...these guys play so many games (especially the top teams, who usually advance deep into the Cups, and only compounded if they make a Champions' League run, too). This works in Germany, Italy, even Scotland...so, why not do it in the best league in the world? Not only will this make the games at the end of the season that much more entertaining (and perhaps cut down on injuries too), but it'll give English teams that much more of a level playing field in the later stages of the Champions' League and the UEFA Cup. They need to do this YESTERDAY.

Also, they've decided that starting this June, any team that gets put into financial administration will be docked 9 points in the league standings. This is entirely sensible and logical, which I guess explains why it took them this long to implement it. There are too many teams using a George Bush-esque method to their financial dealings, and it's even worse when you factor in the loyal fans (and the histories of the clubs) who are unfairly subjected to this. Hopefully, this will be a real deterrent to irresponsible fiancial behavior, and hopefully the entire league will benefit as a result.

I never thought I'd type this in this space, but well done to the English FA!


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