That damn liberal media...

Counterspin Central (an absolute A+ blog), linked to a story in the Times of India that was just a TAD...well...obvious, but curious all the same.

"Asked by the BBC's veteran interviewer David Frost, when WMD would be discovered, Blair replied candidly, if in calculated downbeat mode: 'I do not know is the answer….You can't be definitive at the moment about what has happened.'"

Our media is SO liberal, I had to discover that from a newspaper located HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD. Guess it just couldn't knock Britney or Kobe or whoever the fuck it is today off the front page, eh? You want to know why I hold completely bare contempt for the average American person? There it is...right there. When you're more concerned about who Ashton Kutcher is dating now than something truly important that has affected everyone in the country...guess you can't truly be shocked that Bush and the rest of his criminal buddies have gotten away with what they have for as long as they have.

What is it going to take to make the left (and middle, while we're at it) angry enough to actually react and do something about all this? The 2000 election didn't. Enron and Haliburton couldn't do it. The Viet...ahem...Iraq fiasco hasn't done it to any real extent. Does any sane individual really want four more years of this? There are many nice things about this country, but our "middle" being the equivalent of "ridiculously far right" in every other civilized country is not one of them.

And, the electoral college makes it so that just being from this area means that my vote won't matter for a damn thing. New York/New Jersey will probably vote blue if Mickey Mouse was running on the ticket (which isn't necessarily ideal, but when you have all those Southern states that do the same thing for red...). Our only hope at real societal change lies in the left-and-middle of the swing states, wherever they may be this time around. I hope Dean recognizes this (I say him with certainty, because if he has a decent lead in freaking IOWA, then he's certainly going to play well with Democrats of all stripes), and focuses enough energies there to maybe just come up with the upset of the century.

Maybe this is like the stories we all read growing up...Evil does always look the strongest (and it always looks like the situation is hopeless for Good) before the hero finally smites the evil villain. You know, Bush WOULD make a good Sauron, wouldn't he?


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