If you want an interesting experience, go see a hockey game at Madison Square Garden these days. It has gotten even uglier than it was in the final days of the Ron Low reign, and by a long way at that.

It's interesting to see what happens when a franchise has cocked things up so bad, has taken advantage of their fans for so long...here's some examples.

-- Booing the team when the come out for the first period.

-- Chants of "Fire Sather!" 30 seconds into the game.

-- Sarcastic cheers when the team gets past mid-ice, and then again when Mike Dunham made a save.

-- Chants of "We Suck!" towards the end.

-- People cheering for the Canadiens at times.

But, even more interesting was the reaction to the Rangers' one goal -- a weird kind of super-jubiliation, borne of the fact that there seemed, even then, a way back into the game (and back into this most hopeless of seasons for them).

I can't say I blame them. This was the worst hockey the Habs played all year (16 minutes without a shot on goal in the 2nd period), and we still won 4-1. Diz-zamn.


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