I'm loving it, but it ain't over yet.

Manchester United suffered another gigantic loss today, 4-1 to their cross-town rivals, Manchester City. That leaves Arsenal 12 points ahead of them, which has me freaking out and partying...however, I refuse to say that Arsenal is a lock for the title yet. Actually, I'll only say that when the trophy is sitting in Highbury and we're up 5-0 in the title-clinching game.

The one thing that disturbs me is the fact that we haven't lost a match yet...it has to happen SOMETIME, right? I live in fear that we finally lose one, and it snowballs into three or four on the bounce. Meanwhile (in my horror scenario), Chelsea and ManYoo both win all their matches -- all of a sudden, we're in second place, Chelski is on their way to buying the title, and ManUre is breathing down our necks.

Believe me...I remember last season. Arsenal was comfortably ahead of the Manks right around this time last campaign, too. And, we all know how THAT worked out.

That said, we're doing OK in the league now, ready for a heavyweight clash against Timmy Howard United in what's really the FA Cup Final, and ready for an even bigger clash against Moscow on the Thames in the Champions' League. I don't want to say THAT word...but maybe we have a chance at...well...you, know.

As for Celtic, they're doing a pretty good job at treading water while a significant chink of the first-choice side are out with injury and suspension. Motherwell got an early lead at Celtic Park, but Henrik Larsson equalized late to ensure that we keep the same lead over...you know...That Other Glasgow Team, who couldn't get more than a draw against Hearts.

Between this and the Canadiens (and Wrestlemania tonight), this has been a pretty effing fantastic sports weekend.


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