Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

Ever have one of those sporting experiences where you feel like someone drove a sledgehammer into your gut?

Arsenal crashed out of the Champions' League to, of all teams, fucking Chelsea. Godfuckingdammit. I know the run had to end sometime, but to concede in the 87th minute to a fucking fullback against your local fucking rivals in a match where all we had to do was fucking draw 0-0 or win the fucking thing to advance into the semifinals against fucking Monaco (who I had a feeling about, by the way...I wish I had verbalized it. Shit, I wish I had bet money on it)...FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK. The worst part was that I was at work, so I had to keep going and just do my shit afterwards. I didn't even have a chance to break something or at least pound a Guinness.

That said, even if Arsenal manages to choke in all THREE championships that they should have won (I still think we'll hang on to the EPL, but it'll probably end up being way more interesting than it should be), I refuse to be one of those fair-weather cunts that are on board and bragging when we're unbeaten in 20-something, but bails and starts slagging off the players, the manager, the fucking groundskeeper and the concession workers when we lose a big game. Look, last season still hurts. Between Arsenal and Celtic, I was on the receiving end of a metaphorical kick to the groin not once, but twice. Even if it happens to Arsenal again, and three times at that (at least Celtic has theirs pretty much locked up), I am still very thankful for getting to witness the amazing football and awesome determination they showed in staying unbeaten for so long. How DARE anyone bitch about losing in the Champions' League when we had to win in Milan to get to the second round in the first place? And, as much as we hate Manchester United, as much as we hate Chelsea, they're still unbelievably good sides, and sometimes, they're going to be the better team on the day. That's just the game we know and love. Sometimes it's sweet, sometime it kicks you in the nads. Whatever happens the rest of this season, I'm proud of this team, this manager, and (most) of our fellow supporters.

There's still the EPL to win, and while the Manks will probably win the FA Cup, the Champions' League is still no guarantee for Chelsea...not by a LONGSHOT, not while AC Milan still survives. So, this season is definitely not a lost cause, and we still have a very strong argument for being the best that England has to offer. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!


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