It's been a while...

...since I posted anything of substance. I'm just so tired these days...my job requires so much focus (and I even screwed up some things, so I'm ducking and covering and home it wasn't really bad), that I'm just mentally and physically drained all the time.

That said, some things.

-- I was at the Mets-Braves game last night, and it was a great time. My brother had, of all things, a knife on him as we got off the subway. So, after some thinking, he stashed it Grand Theft Auto style right where the "B-1" sign in the parking lot was...there's a little square of weeds surrounding the pole, and it was enough to conceal it. Of course, after all that, they don't search us at ALL heading into the Stadium. HA! The seats were right behind home plate in the second section up, and it was a fun little ballgame.

-- While that was going on, the Canadiens demolished the Bruins 5-1 to shut up not only their fans, but some of the worst ones of ours, too. I was really happy to see that The Best Canadien In The Playoffs, Alexei Kovalev, scored AGAIN. It not only helped the team, it also went a little way towards shutting the media pukes up. Fuck yo' sensationalist story, reporter-fuck! I'm Alexei Kovalev, BITCH! Even if the Habs don't win the series, they showed what they're truly made of. I'm proud of this team, and what they've accomplished already.

-- Hey, the Calgary Flames are looking good, eh? I TOLD you so.

-- The Giants got Jason Schmidt back tonight. All I can say is THANKFUCKINGGOD.

-- Boston's kicking the shit out of the Yankees right now. Neat.

-- Arsenal demolished Leeds United 5-0 to go 10 points clear up at the top of the EPL. If my calculations are correct, 5 points will clinch at least a tie at the top, and I'm pretty sure our goal difference will be better than Chelsea's. Two wins, with 5 matches left to go, and we are the champions. Awesome. Meanwhile, Celtic has the SPL pretty much locked up, so I can't complain at ALL about this season, even with the various disappointments in the Champions' League, FA Cup, and UEFA Cup.

-- The Deftones' "White Pony" is a fucking AWESOME record.

-- Chris Benoit and Eddy Guerrero are still the WWF World Champions. Nope. Hasn't gotten old.


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