Mixed bag this afternoon

Worse news first: Villareal actually led Celtic 1-0 at the half (AT Celtic Park!) before Ghod finally equalized with a header off a cross from Didier Agathe towards the hour mark or so. Well, it could be worse. Being down 1-0, and an away goal at that, would probably have been murder to our chances of making the semifinals. However, 1-1 isn't so bad, especially because Ghod can score at any time, in any stadium, against anyone. And, keep in mind that the Bhoys had to go to Barcelona and somehow get a result at the daunting Nou Camp. They did, and that's what got them to the tie with Villareal in the first place. I'm not proclaiming victory by any means, just because we got past a better side from the same league in the previous round. Far from it, actually. But, with Henrik Larsson around, with David Marshall playing so well in net, with a great midfield anchored by Stilian Petrov, yeah, I kinda like our chances.

The better news by far came from Highbury, where a potential misery-inducing match against Liverpool instead became just the tonic the club, the players and us fans needed after the devastating defeats in the FA Cup semifinal and the Champions' League quarterfinal. Actually, the Scousers were up 2-1 at the break, thanks to Sami Hyppia (perhaps one of the planet's most underrated center halves) and some guy named Owen or something. However, Thierry Henry - as he has done so often this season already - absolutely REFUSED to let us lose, and a stunning hat trick led the way to a 4-2 victory for the Gunners. To put four past old boring defensive Liverpool is good enough on any day, but on a day where any kind of positive result was mandatory if this club was going to have anything left in the drive to make sure the championship doesn't get away THIS year, it's like we've won the Planet Football lottery.

Maybe this will shut up not only all those gloating Mank and Chelski supporters, but also our own moaning, whining contingent of fair-weather fans too.


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