Sorry for the non-updating going on...

...but once I get into the groove of the new job, I should be fine again.

Some random things, though.

1. Manchester United are a bunch of cheating cunts.
2. Asking any soccer team to play four games in a week is ridiculous. If it were the beloved-by-frontrunners-everwhere Manks in our situation, the FA would have been tripping over themselves to make things easier for them.
3. Montreal went from threatening for fourth place to needing a point against Buffalo to ensure that they don't finish in 8th. Tampa Bay is waiting for wheoever finishes in the final playoff spot, while (at the moment) Ottawa waits for the 7th-place team. Personally, I'd much much much much rather play Ottawa. 5 losses in a row at this stage of the season is unacceptable, and they better fucking wake up.
4. Celtic, with two late goals to salvage a 2-2 draw with Heart of Midlothian, is now unbeaten at home in...I think it's 76 straight games now. That is simply amazing, no matter how weak the league is.
5. Downside of Freddy Adu joining MLS: Yeah, stadiums selling out or getting close to it is nice, but a) The novelty isn't going to last, especially because there's no way a 14-year old is going to be anything other than "average" (make no mistake, this is only so he can get regular games and develop for a few years until Europe comes calling), and b) I SO cannot wait for the droves of clueless soccer moms asking me (I got half-season tickets as a gift, so for half the home games, I'm going to be away from the knowledge and craziness of the Empire End) what offsides is, and why hasn't Freddie Adu scored 5 goals yet, even though he's playing for the DC Scum.



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