T-Minus 2 minutes or so...

In some year or another, the Montreal Canadiens were the lower seed in a playoff series vs. a powerful hockey club, one that went 47-27-10 (104 pts) in the regular season. You see, that's some coincidence, because this year's Boston Bruins had...survey says...104 points.

Against said hockey club, the Canadiens went on the road and got beat twice -- once in a close 3-2 game, and again in a 4-1 rout in which the score flattered our heroes.

In Game 3 of that series, the Canadiens came home in a game they HAD to win, in a game that nobody THOUGHT they could. The Canadiens won that game 2-1, won the next one, won the next one, and then kicked the ever-loving shit out of the other team 6-2 to win the series 4 games to 2.

The other team was the Quebec Nordiques, the year was 1993, and I hear the Canadiens did kinda-sorta all right in those playoffs.

Don't lose faith, friends. Our team needs us to be 100% behind them, and I believe in this team EXACTLY as much as I said I believed in them while we were on that giant winning streak. I honestly believe this team can win the whole fucking thing.



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