Apparently, I don't update enough.

I have been rightly called out about not updating...I definitely haven't been eating enough souls lately. So, since I have no one overwheming thing to talk about, it's random grab-bag time.

Crystal Palace 1-0 West Ham

So yeah, did even the most fervent Eagles supporter see THIS coming when the season started? Always on the bring of administration, always on the brink of relegation to Division Two (which would then cause further financial problems), and with a diasastrous start to this season, what Palace have achieved this season is almost in the same ballpark as what Arsenal accomplished. Really. There's little one can say by way of description of this game and this season for Palace without delving into silly Hollywood territory. I wish I still had Fox Sports World, because I'm insanely curious as to the two goals in quick succession that the Hammers called back for offside. While I have to give the officals the benefit of the doubt for the simple reason that they were there there, and saw quite a bit more of the game than I did, the fact remains that (mainly due to yet more FIFA bungling), almost nobody in the world calls offside correctly or even consistently. Considering the implications of this match, you have to hope that they got both exactly right...it'd be such a shame if they got one wrong, and incorrectly consigned West Ham to another season in Division One. And, the Nationwide really is a quagmire...the longer you're in it, the harder it is to escape it. However, if Manchester City can rise like the phoenix from the depths of Division Two, then I suppose the Hammers can get back to the top flight if they play their cards well. On the other hand, anyone heard from Sheffield Wednesday lately? Coventry? Queens Park Rangers?

Ireland 0 - 3 Nigeria

No link here, because I don't even want to know. The lads played Nigeria at home as a World Cup tune-up in 2002, and lost then, too. With all the talent that Ireland has, it mystifies me how they continue to get such bad results lately.

Holland 0 - 1 Belgium

No link here, because I can't bring myself to care about a tune-up friendly between countries not named the USA or Ireland...however, this is a great win for the Belgians. They have such a long, horrifying history of drawing their bigger neighbors in major competitions, and always coming out on the short end (much like Austria against Germany)...so, while it's just a friendly, I'm usually a sucker for the little guy getting a swing in every now and then.

Anderton wants to come to MLS, mentions the DC Scum by name

Oh please, please, PLEASE let this jackass suit up for the Scum. First off, I don't want a former Tott'Scum player lining up for my Metros, and besides, our midfield is more than set anyway (on top of that, we're full-up on our senior international slots). I think DC has one, and I would love NOTHING better than to see them waste it on Sick Note and his dodgy Achilles tendon. Sorry, but the Monty Python "it got better!" defense wouldn't make me feel any better about this guy wasting space on MY team's roster and against my team's salary cap. Please Santa, PLEASE send this guy to DC...I'll be good ALL YEAR, I promise!

Bettman strongly hints at a lockout

Would any real hockey fan on Earth complain if Bettman were placed on a plummeting cable car to the sixth rung of hell? Take him, his moving of Canadian teams, his generic division names, his overexpansion, and the smarm that just OOZES off of him, and just make it go away...please.

Calgary 3, Tampa Bay 0

What a great series this has been...if only because it's being contested by two teams that don't take joy and fun out like the Devils and Ducks and Wild last season. It's not 1980s freewheeling hockey, but hey, I'm not so much a fan of that, either. This has been a wonderful mix of the two, fought well by two teams that are living and dying by their style and systems. Great coaching, lots of speed, great goaltending, great defense, great goals. This has easily been the best Stanley Cup Finals in recent memory. I still say Flames in 7.


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