San Jose 5-5 Metrostars

Man, what a crazy match THAT was.

The funny thing was, neither team was especially horrible on defense, and neither goalkeeper had much of a chance on any of the 10 goals. Actually, and this is very nice to see in MLS (and an indication on the slow-but-steady growth in talent and skill within the league), all 10 goals came from outstanding team play or individual efforts. I can look you in the eye and say that Fabien Taylor and Joselito Vaca scored on absolute thunderbolts that would have made Thierry Henry proud. Really. Landon Donovan had a tremendous game on the other end, and each team got one semi-dodgy penalty.

I think it's beyond doubt that these are the two best offensive clubs in MLS, and if I have my way, NY vs. San Jose would be not only the US Open Cup Final, but the MLS Cup Final as well. I can't wait for their trip to the Swamp.


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