So, I'm watching Baseball Tonight, and they're talking about on-base percentage. Chris Berman asks if we should care about this stat a month into the season, and I immediately had my hackles raised up. Then, Harold Reynolds opened his mouth, and my feeling was justified....

He basically said that the stat is overrated because people with high OBP don't tend to score a lot of runs, the examples of which are Jason Giambi, Frank Thomas, and Jason Varitek. Right. A guy with wonky knees, a big fat guy, and a catcher are his main exhibits in his argument. He also said that people with high OBP "clog the bases". What? Clog the fucking bases? What on earth does that even MEAN? Is there any universe where that statement nears even half-intelligence?

I could go into great length as to why this is so unbelivably stupid, but why waste the effort? Those of us who know better don't need the explanation, and older guys set in their ways wouldn't listen anyway. Sigh.


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