I meant to do a long Euro 2004 post...

...but I'm SHOT, and not feeling really well at all. Actually, I feel kinda woozy, but I'll get one thing out before I lay down.

Sweden and Denmark needed a 2-2 tie to eliminate Italy from Euro 2004, and send the both of them through to the quarterfinal no matter what the Italy-Bulgaria result was. Oddly enough, the Scandanavian derby indeed ended 2-2, but it very likely should have been 3-2 Denmark. Now, a lot of people (especially in countries that look like a boot) are going to cry foul, but I disagree. I followed the match via Soccernet's Matchtracker, where the commentary was done by a quite neutral Englishman. Whoever it was, he insisted that the match was fairly-played, and I have to say I agree with him. The two neighbors have good relations, but both want to win...they had to win to ensure a place in the quarterfinals, for one thing. Also, posts were hit, people were flying into tackles, and most of the goals came from either amazing build-up play or opportunistic goal-poaching.

Not only that, but fuck an Italy...they got exactly what they deserved. Soccer-wise, they're an entire nation of whining fucking maggots...everything is always the referee against them, or the league is against them, or (insert bullshit excuse here). Not only that, but how does a nation with that much offensive talent continue to resort to the bullshit all-defense all the time gameplan they've used since time eternal? They could (and probably should) have beaten Sweden and Denmark outright...they didn't, so they put themselves in the position where they didn't control their own destiny.

Oh, and Latvia is Rick James, BITCH!


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