Well, THIS is shocking...

Turns out I actually got a response from this Dominic Raynor guy.

"It's just as segue from Euro 2004 to domestic football (we switched back tothe regular site the same day).I wanted to cause some controversy and I have certainly done that, judgingby my mailbox. I won't be going to Greece any time soon. Cheers, Dom"
Great. THIS is the site I depend on for my soccer news. Awesome.

Speaking of this, a promise to you, the (one of seven or eight) reader. When I move in September, I will have Fox Sports World again, and I will try like hell to either save up for, beg or steal for a Tivo. What am I getting at? This, simply: I pledge to you that once I'm more settled and have the capacity to watch lots of matches again, I will try my absolute best to make this the soccer equivalent to what Brendan is doing with his sports blog...if you've never been there, go...now. If more sports analysis was like this, then perhaps I'd be into more than just soccer these days.

Until then, all work and no play for me. Woo!


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