Major changes...

I Will Eat Your Soul is no more, to say the very least.

Very occasionally, I will still comment on the Metrostars, or Glasgow Celtic, or other sports. However, heading into my blog's second birthday, I think it's time to find a real focus and latch onto it. When everything is said and done, my favorite team in any sport is Arsenal FC. Now, don't get me wrong -- I love my San Francisco Giants, my Metrostars, my Montreal Canadiens and even my Philadelphia Wings (indoor lacrosse). However, I'm at a point where soccer is more than just my favorite sport...it's the only confluence of a well-run team and a league I don't either completely hate or think is run by complete incompetents. Say what you will about the English FA, but the NHL makes them look like a well-oiled bastion of efficiency and common sense.

As for the title, it's self-explanatory, really. I hope to be in an apartment somewhere in Park Slope or Prospect Park within the next few weeks, and of course you'll know what a Gooner is if you're here. Look for more and more major changes to design and content after I move -- and after I get Fox Sports World once again.

Thank you to all who have read my crap in the last year, and here's to all of you who will still be with me in the years to come.


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