Almost back...

Supposedly, Time Warner is coming on Wednesday to hook me up with the sweet, sweet Internet connection (it's worse than fucking crack, I tell you)...

So, next weekend's match match against Charlton Athletic will likely see the return of my match reports. I certainly hope so, anyway...I'm desperate to write SOMETHING at this point.

In the meantime:

Win over Fulham: Why Fulham don't get better results is a mystery to me...they really are a good team, although I don't think Brian McBride should be warming the bench for them. Still, it isn't THAT much of a surprise that Arsenal put three past them, though...especially the way we were playing at the time.

Win over PSV: Crap, but I'll take it. How on earth does it make sense that we play so well against Manchester United and Chelsea and Liverpool and Newcastle, but the second we face FC Dhjfisyrjsgsitssbch from a far-flung corner of Europe, they turn into a red-and-white version of West Brom? Now, that's not a slight on PSV, who are a strong team (though not as strong as they have been the past few seasons), but comapred to what Arsenal is doing to everyone else, it's worrying to imagine what will happen in the knockout stages.

Draw with Bolton: Fine with me...they're a decent side, and Allardyce always has them playing above their level in big matches. I'm perfectly accepting of a point against them...even at home.

Win over Man City: Saw about 15 minutes of it, we looked crap, but three points is three points. They ened to get rid of Kevin Keegan in the worst way, and they need to start focusing on young talent rather than this collection of stiffs and retreads.

Barring any unfortunate scheduling mishaps from Time Warner, see you on Saturday for Charlton. They're always good for a tough match, and I even get the feeling that they can potentially break the streak (especially if Dean Kiely has one of his blinders). What can I say...I'm a pessmistic guy.


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