Some catching up...

Time Warner is coming tomorrow to install my very own cable modem. It's worth the expense at this point.

In the meantime:

-- Portsmouth beats Man United: Karma comes in strange forms sometimes. The oddly misshapen form of Harry Redknapp may be one of the strangest of all, but I certainly am not complaining.

-- Arsenal 2-2 Southampton: Not the best result, but people often incorrectly assume that bottom-feeding clubs are going to just lay down and die when they come to Highbury. Unfortunately, unless the guys are playing their very best, teams like Southampton are going to be coming in and fighting for their Premiership lives...so, these results will sometimes happen. It could have been worse...without Super Rob(in), we could (and probably should) have lost the game outright. So, congrats to the Saints, and congrats to Rory Delap...who will probably never have another night like this ever again.

-- Arsenal 1-1 Panathinaikos: Another off-night in Europe, but again, at least we didn't lose. From the Soccernet commentary (done by Man United's # 1 fan apparently), it seemed as if the Greeks were exceptionally tough to break down. From what I gathered, they played a great away match, caught a lucky break (get off Cygan's back, guys...unless you want the 9-year old Senderos out there, he's what we've got), and got the point. Well done to them.

-- Only those with the reddest of red-colored glasses would try and dispute the fact that our guys are going down under the softest of challenges lately. I hate it, and I think we're better than this. However, in the wake of that vile pig-faced twat Rooney and his partner in Olympic-caliber crime, Rude vanDivingcheat, I can't blame them too much for their "if ya can't beat them, join them" attitude.

-- "OMHMYGODTIMETOPANIC": Arsenal fans, settle down, will ya? This will happen to Chelsea, as it already has happened to Manshit United. We'll even play worse at points this season, mark my words. However, when everything plays out in the end, we'll be right there...I promise you that.

-- Middlesbrough 2-0 Lazio: Non-Arsenal related of course, but I feel as if I have to congratulate the Boro for a fine, fine European win. It seemed from the match report as if they earned every bit of it, and congrats to Boudewijn Zenden for leading the way with both goals. I've told you and told you and told you again that Boro are an extremely good side this season, and Steve McLaren has them on absolute fire right now. Hell, I hope they win the whole effing thing...for Ray Parlour, if not anything else.


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