Sorry for the lack of updates

Yes, I know it's been a bit slow around here lately. But, until Setanta gets it through their skulls that many of us are not going to pay 10 bucks to see us play mid-table shite on the road, then things won't change...I can't report on what I don't see.

Or, if I ever make an actual livable wage, that'll naturally change.

The Cliff Notes version is that I'm happy with how things are going. It was nice to see a strong defensive performance against Pompey, especially because all three points were gained in the end. Chelsea are due to come back to earth at some point, so 5 points at this stage is really not a big deal. Worse sides than us have come back from a far greater deficit in the past. If they were 13 or 14 points clear and we were still struggling, that would be one thing. But, we're coming up on a stretch of winnable games, We Love You Freddie is coming back soon, and the defense seems to be on the right track. Almunia's been far better than I've expected, too (See? ARSENE FUCKING KNOWS).

Happy holidays to one and all. See you in the new year.


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