Defiance, Part 2

Bayern Munich 3-1 Arsenal

We're NOT out.

I didn't see this one, being stuck at work and all. But, thanks to a kind soul on the Arseblog forums, I have seen the three Bayern goals. Thoughts follow:

Regarding The 1st goal: Don't believe the announcers...when the ball ends up beating you that close to your body, you always have at least a chance to save it...if your positioning and reflexes are there. I'm not saying that even most keepers would stop it...I'm saying the difference between a Lehmann and a Buffon is that Buffon probably stops this shot.

Regarding the 2nd goal: Hell of a time to have your worst-ever Arsenal performance, eh Kolo?

Regarding the 3rd goal: I have been among Lehmann's staunchest defenders, but this is inexcusable. A guy of his experience should know what he can and can't get to in terms of crosses...he's usually very good at that too, but he was NEVER getting to this one. He should have tracked back and covered his post. The Bayern guy was still likely to score, but he would have had to hit it much harder (thus giving him more of a chance to miss) rather than the tap-in he got.

Even still, don't toll the bells for us quite yet. Believe that 1-3 is better than 0-2...a 2-0 win will see us through to the next round. Yes, it's somewhat of a bleak hope, but it's not like we're trying to come back from 0-5 or something. If the squad gives their best, they certainly can see off those Bayern bastards and advance. And if not, it's my hope that at the very least, unlike tonight, they give an effort worthy of the Arsenal shirt in the return leg.

But, fair's fair. It's times like this when we see which of us Gooners are worthy of the badge as well. It's really fucking easy to support a team when they go unbeaten for a season...the team needs your support and needs your voices now.


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