Rolling along...

No big report, as:

1. I didn't see the game
2. I'm upstate for the weekend on a dial-up connection.

But, it was excellent to see Henry go nuts in a 3-0 seeing-off of Pompey, and it's even better to see the Red Scum held by Crystal Palace (need any more proof that they're staying up? And, do you need any further proof that they deserve it?)

I'm also well pleased for Manuel Almunia, who had his finest moment in an Arsenal shirt during the penalty shootout against Sheffield United. He officially saved two, and should have saved three (were it not for an overzealous referee, who doesn't seem to be clear on the rules about what constitutes a re-take).

So yes, all of this is the lead-in to the big clash against Bayern Munich. Win 2-0 or 4-1 and we're through, almost any other scoreline doesn't help. Can we do it? I think so...a LOT of it is going to fall on Jens Lehmann, and a lot of it is going to fall on a defense that is so stretched, they're even mourning the recent loss of Shambling Automoton Extraordinare Pascal Cygan. While it's true that Lehmann - Cole, Toure, Senderos, Lauren isn't the finest back five ever assembled, it isn't the poorest either. Especially at home, I believe that if they play to the best of their ability, they can keep a clean sheet. Failing that, with Henry blazing his way back to form, I can see us getting 4 past Bayern (they're just humans, kids, as Inter Milan were in THAT Champions' League game).

Keep the faith, gooners. I am.


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