The last two games

I'm having one of those awful periods where work and other stuff have combined to completely drain most of my will to do anything extraneous. Unfortunately, this can be counted in that category.

That said, the Arsenal have played very well over the last two matches...and have been defensively brilliant while doing so (the one goal conceded coming off an unlucky deflection). Give West Brom credit...they came to play, and they made it really difficult on us for a while. It's even more evident when they went into Old Trafford and got a point out of them. Perhaps if they had given that kid goalkeeper a shot earlier this season, there wouldn't be a relegation dogfight...he has the look of a real talent, that one.

Anyway, congratulations to Everton for ensuring that the Scousers won't be in the Champions League (look people, they're not beating Milan...really now)...and good luck to Norwich and Crystal Palace in their relegation struggle. I'll be happy if either one of them stays up.

Now, off to see if I can get *gasp* SEVEN whole hours of sleep!


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