Catching up...

I hope that this will slow down soon, but I've been doing mad overtime in an attempt to have some kind of spending money for my impending vacation (which unoffically kicks off at 7 PM this Friday, and officially kicks off on Saturday).

So, in short:

USA 3-0 Costa Rica -- Nice win, though the scoreline ultimately flattered us quite a bit. Kasey Keller was a golden god in the second half, and if it weren't for him, this may have been 3-2 or 3-3. The diving save to reach behind him and get that looping header was just off the fucking chain. If you want to know why Tim Howard is being kept out, that's your reason.

Panama 0-3 USA -- Because of the ridiculous time they tape-delayed this for, and my amazingly hectic schedule, I only saw the 3 goals, and fast-forwarded past the rest. Two of them were well-taken, one was just the Panamanians standing around as if "defense" didn't translate into Spanish. Nice win, and it leaves us in fantastic shape heading into the second half of the hex. At this point, we're pretty much a dead-on lock to qualify...I just hope we fucking tonk Mexico when they come up here, the bastards.

Summer transfers and such -- Jose Reina is a fantastic keeper, and he'll be a great buy for the Scousers. That Korean kid Park will, I think, do better for the Manchester Buccaneers than the Klebersons or Djemba-Djembas of the world. Not so sure about van der Sar, though. He's about 21,000 years old...I think he stopped Moses on a breakaway once. Arsenal have been linked to Stuttgart's Belorussian star Aleksandr Hleb. You know, the way I see it, Stuttgart owes us for not selling us Timo Hildebrand! Speaking of goalkeepers, not even a rumor yet with regards to us strengthening that position. Of course, if the right person doesn't come along, then we shouldn't spend 6 or 7 million pounds just because everyone thinks we have to. Lehmann probably has one more good season in him.

Robin van Persie has been the rare Arsenal player who publicly states that he wants to be at the club for a long time. I'm excited for him, and for Senderos. Those two are really going to be something special, and long may they be special in an Arsenal shirt.

So, that's it for a while, unless something major happens before my vacation. Later, skaters.


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