There will, of course, be a detailed report here tomorrow outling out big win over the Chavs.

But, that said, I thought I'd take a minute to state that the White Scum just may have to be taken seriously as rivals again. I watched most of their match against Boro today, and I grudingly admit that they aren't your older brother's S***s. They attacked well, they defended better than they have in the past (although Boro's crap finishing this time around was very likely the difference in the game), and they seem pretty well-drilled. Martin Jol has done wonders with these guys (and Davids was an inspired signing, too...he held everything together for them today).

I'm looking forward to our derbies with them again...while being able to kick the shit out of them twice a year was nice in terms of having six points in the bank, I actually prefer having them be a little stronger and able to make a game out of it with us (a trend that really started last season).

Rivalries aren't any fun unless they're actually a rival. And, while it's still early days, I think the White Scum are getting closer all the time to being our actual rivals again, like the Blue Scum and the Red Scum.


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