An unfortunate loss

A crappy bounce off the wet pitch, an unlucky bounce off the post, a penalty not called by Mike "I'm the biggest cunt in the world" Riley. That was the difference between Boro and us...we're hardly doomed or anything.

That said, I think Arsene is going to have to stop relying so much on the old guard. After the Thun game, this is what I'd like to see as our first-choice lineup:



-----Reyes/van Persie--Henry-------

I have nothing but love for DB10 and Pires, but they're past their best and should be super-subs at the most. I think Flamini's a useful player, but him and Gilberto in the same midfield doesn't work...you don't need two holding midfielders, especially as most opposing sides play defense-first against us, hoping to hit us on the counter. I'm also changing my mind about Reyes somewhat...I'm still not a huge fan of what he did against Blackburn last season, but I'm willing to forgive his Academy Award performance if he continues to play with as much heart and desire as he's showing.

So, yeah. Losing to Boro (a good side on their day) is hardly the end of the world...and, I think Lucky Lucky Cuntski is going to start dropping points sooner or later...you know, when their opposition is a bit more difficult than Wigan and Sunderland. That said, we probably can't afford too many more losses...2 at this stage of the season is not so good.

At the very least, we get to hammer FC Thun at Highbury in the Champions' League on Wednesday. I say 5-0 to the good guys there.


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