Quick post today...

1. So, it's Real Madrid. Excellent, Smithers...this is EXACTLY the type of tie we can win. Of course, we'll have to hope that the defense can cope with their attacking firepower, and a lot of that will depend on whether they get any help from the midfield. Whoever is playing (be it Gilberto or Flamini), they need to step up and put a little scare into all their flair players. However, on the other side of the ball, no one on their squad scares me with the exception of Iker Casillas. Any goalkeeper can steal a game or two on any given day, but multiply that by about 10 with Casillas, who is one of the best in the world at his position. We need to test him early and often, and keep creating chances until some of them go in.

That said, I think we progress, and I'm much happier to have Madrid than I would be to have Lyon. Really.

2. COME ON YOU GUNNERS! Big match with Cuntski tomorrow...I'll probably catch the replay on PPV, unless I have the score ruined for me beforehand. I think we can win that one too, if the lads put their heads down and work as hard as they can. Cuntski are not unbeatable, but we'll have to be at our best.


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