Still alive

Well, yes, I'm still alive. But, as you can see, I haven't really had the energy or the motivation to blog much lately. Part of it is the depression of seeing Cuntski buy another title, but mostly it's the fact that I am obsessed with poker, and am basically studying it and practicing it as much as bloody possible. Between that and having an actual life, well, you can see where the lack of blogging comes in.

They also aren't on FSC as much as they have been in the past...they aren't reaching quite the same levels of starfucking as ESPN does with its Champions League "coverage" (Real Madrid and RedubercuntsfromSurrey PLC fans need only apply), but it's in the same time zone.

Anyway, it was nice to get through November undefeated, but the Bolton game was a real letdown. I'm firmly in the "Arsene Knows" camp (as opposed to the other half of the Arseblog forums, the "Cunting Doomed" brigade), but he's making some mistakes this time around. Basically, what Arseblogger said.

So, we're definitely not winning the title again this season, but hopefully we can take down one or two of the cups (The Champions League...dare we dream?), and finish runners-up to Comrade Moneybags' cavalcade of mercenaries.

Oh, and if we could really do those blue fucks in Highbury (say, 4-0 or so), that would be fantastic. Cheers.


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