Fuck you, Red Bull...

So, Red Bull bought the New York-based Major League Soccer franchise, the Metrostars, and renamed them Red Bull New York. I've been a Metro supporter since day one, regardless of how much I loathed the name, and despite the fact that they were one of the most comically inept franchises in all of sporting history. They owned MLS' worst-ever single-season record (I believe it was the 1999 season), and they were the last club to make it to the final of the MLS playoffs or the US Open Cup (it was the Open Cup, and surprise of all surprises, they fucking lost in the final). Even with all the frustration and the heartache that team caused me, they were my team...I went to matches, had season tickets one season, and was a member of the Empire Supporters Club, in my opinion the best and most knowledgable supporters' group in MLS.

Anyway, how naive of me, but I thought that if they were going to rename the team, it would have been something decent. Call the stadium Red Bull Stadium, put big Red Bull patches on the jerseys, fine. Put Red Bull placards all over the stadium, great.

This, however, is a fucking disgrace. I'm done with this team. My roommate told me that he read a story where there may be a second NY team in MLS by 2010. If so, great. I'll happily support them as long as they're not named in a similar fashion.

Look, I hated the name Metrostars, but at least it was in the realm of normality for a sports franchise's name. But, I refuse to support a corporate brand name masquerading as a football club. I was a Metro supporter all the way, but they as a team are dead to me...I put myself in the same boat with Fusion, Mutiny and Earthquakes fans.

I'll settle for supporting my European teams until such time as New York gets a football club again. Fuck you for killing my team, Red Bull. You'll never see a red motherfucking cent from me again.


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